The Diversification of Children’s Support for Their Parents in the Context of an Aging Society: Concepts and Behavior
2018年11月30日 09:46 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Hu Anning

  Hu Anning

  Department of Sociology, Fudan University

  Abstract:China’s aging society and the family-based model of basic aged care determine that children’s support for their parents directly affects the standard of living of the majority of the aging population. Existing theories indicate that in this era of social transition,the implications of filial piety have shifted from the traditional emphasis on the parentchild generational relationship and children’s duty to obey their parents to a dual mode in which family love coexists with the authority of the elders. Using data from the Chinese General Social Survey of 2006, we explore the ways in which the two basic dimensions of authoritarian filial piety and reciprocal filial piety connect with various types of filial behavior. The results of our multivariate linear model show that on average, authoritarian filial piety, which emphasizes authority relationships and children’s duty, increases children’s financial support for their parents, while reciprocal filial piety, stressing family love and generational equality, significantly increases children’s emotional support for their parents.A comparison of the basic dimensions of filial piety shows that neither significantly increases children’s physical support for their parents. Further analysis of the interaction effect indicates that the link between authoritarian filial piety and financial support is more significant among younger groups. In addition, for males, a marginally significant positive relation exists between authoritarian filial piety and physical support for their parents.

  Keywords:dual model of filial piety,authoritarian filial piety,reciprocal filial piety,emotional support,financial support


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