Party Politics in Socialist Countries: One Hundred Years of Exploration
2018年08月09日 10:47 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Wang Shaoxing

  Wang Shaoxing

  School of Marxism and Institute of Contemporary Socialism, Shandong University

  Abstract:Over the long history of political civilization, the 100 years of the party politics of socialist countries has emerged as a new form of politics. Exploration of the last 100 years of the party politics of socialist countries deals with the self-governance and national governance of Marxist ruling parties. It reflects intraparty relationships, interparty relationships,relationships between party and government and relationships between party and society,as well as foreign relations, and spans three historical periods, comprising the first establishment of party politics in Soviet Russia; the adoption of party rule in other countries,with concomitant setbacks; and the achievement by China, Vietnam and other countries of party political innovation and development. A review of the experience of the past hundred years shows that success in making party politics the basic system in socialist countries and in tapping its full potential is attributable to the efforts made by Marxist ruling parties to undertake fruitful theoretical reflection and grasp values, adhere to the truth and correct mistakes on the basis of exceptional strategic confidence and policy commitment, while constantly opening up new stages of theoretical understanding and practical development.The party politics of socialist countries in the 21st century drives their modernization and cultivates and improves their practice. The union of the two in the magnificent historical process of the sustainable development of socialist institutional civilization will have major and far-reaching significance for building a brighter future for humanity.

  Keywords:Marxism,party politics in socialist countries,world socialist movement,socialism with Chinese characteristics,national governance




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