Environmental Justice in the Context of Scientific Uncertainty: On the Safety of Genetically Modified Organisms
2018年05月08日 16:18 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Wang Mingyuan a and Jin Feng b

  Wang Mingyuan a and Jin Feng b

  a Center for Environmental and Natural Resources Law, School of Law, Tsinghua University

  b Department of Policies and Regulations, Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission

  Abstract:A foremost issue of our time is our response to risks, especially those arising from scientific uncertainty, such as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In this context, we need to achieve and maintain environmental justice. This should be based on the corresponding scientific research; essentially, however, it is a kind of social construct. We must maintain a free market mechanism for the development, application, and dissemination of modern technology, including genetically modified biotech and its products. At the same time, the necessary government intervention and legal regulation of the relevant science and technology should be put in place to ensure public safety and the interests of socially disadvantaged groups.

  Keywords:scientific uncertainty, environmental justice, legal regulation, public interests

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