“World Risk Society” Governance: The Paradigm of Complexity and Chinese Participation
2018年05月08日 16:15 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Fan Ruguo

  Fan Ruguo

  Economics and Management School, Wuhan University

  Abstract:The world is entering a highly uncertain “risk society.” Risk is a major feature of contemporary society, changing society’s operational logic and rules; society’s values and modes of behavior are being systematically reconstructed, and global governance is evolving into the governance of a “world risk society.” At present, global risk governance is highly fragmented and inefficient, and the existing modes of public management and international governance are still unsuited to the requirements of risk society governance. Modern society is an intricate system of endogenous complexity, unpredictability and fragility. Complexity is the fundamental mechanism driving the formation of global risk society, a society whose governance rests on the paradigm of complexity and on Chinese participation. Research on the complexity mechanism behind the formation of world risk society and the construction of values, culture and mechanisms that address its governance is significant for both theory and practice, enabling us to develop synergetic governance and an antifragile capacity that will identify and overcome risks.

  Keywords:world risk society, social governance, paradigm of complexity


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