China and the Remolding of International Human Rights Norms
2017年07月21日 10:17 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Yuan Zhengqing a, Li Zhiyong b and Zhufu Xiaofei c

  Yuan Zhengqing a, Li Zhiyong b and Zhufu Xiaofei c

  a and c Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  b School of International Relations, University of International Business and Economics

  Abstract:The life cycle of international norms is not actually a process of emergence, diffusion and internalization. As is shown by the logic of argumentation and the relational logic of process- oriented constructivism, the development of international norms may take another approach, one of origination, diffusion and remolding. Through dialogues on norms, discourse critique, self-remolding and other means, China has enriched the practice of remolding international human rights norms with a human rights theory centered on the right to survive and develop, thereby providing a new approach and new angle of vision that allows non-Western countries to break away from the monist approach of norm development.

  Keywords: norm remolding, human rights, logic of argumentation, logic of relationships


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