The Progress of Modernization and Chinese Socialist Party Politics
2020年09月22日 09:57 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Wang Shaoxing

  Wang Shaoxing

  School of Marxism, Shandong University

  Abstract:Modernization gave birth to party politics, and party politics dominates modernization.Their correlation and interaction have been a major logic behind the evolution of human civilization since the beginning of modern times. The objectivity of China’s modernization gives rise to the historical inevitability of party politics, and its relevance to the Chinese nation and to the current time dictates that party politics should be socialist in China and that its development is an irreversible trend. In the Chinese revolution, in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and in the modernization of China over the past century, to accomplish the historic task of national rejuvenation, Chinese socialist party politics has profoundly changed the course of Chinese history, making Chinese society strive for modernization and causing great changes in the contemporary world. During this process,Chinese socialist party politics has had a “distinct fundamental value orientation,” followed “the premise of essential theoretical guidance,” enjoyed “dominant institutional support,”provided “goal-oriented value guidance” and received a “crucial political guarantee.” It has combined its own values with China’s modernization and played a leading role in this drive.It has pursued the most deep-seated values, demonstrated the most unique characteristics of practice, and made the most significant contribution to civilization. All this is a key element of the experience and theory of the interaction between modernization and Chinese socialist party politics. It also provides crucial support for and guides the value of strengthening the Communist Party of China (CPC) and modernizing China.

  Keywords:China’s modernization, CPC, socialist party politics, governance of China and the CPC

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