The Construction of a Discourse System for Literature Research in Contemporary China
2020年09月22日 09:52 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Zhang Fugui

  Zhang Fugui

  College of the Humanities, Jilin University

  Abstract:The construction of the literature research discourse in the seven decades since the foundation of the PRC has shown an upward spiral, from “state/collective discourse” to “society/individual discourse” and thence to “world/human discourse.” These related but different discourses have worked together to facilitate literary writing and literature research.During the last 70 years of literature research, the Marxist theory of literature and art has always played a guiding role. Having close links with Chinese literary practice, Marxist theory has had a fundamental impact on the construction of the Chinese literature research discourse system. The emergence of “state/collective discourse,” “society/individual discourse” and “world/human discourse” is an integral, historical, logical and dynamic process. Chinese literature research discourse should be constantly innovated and developed with a vision that looks to the world and the future, in order to contribute Chinese wisdom to dialogues between different academic discourses in the world and thus demonstrate the unique value of Chinese academic research in the humanities.

  Keywords:literature research, discourse construction, Chinese literature research, Marxist theory of literature and art, state/collective discourse, society/individual discourse, world/human discourse

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