Technology and Culture in the Digital Era
2023年05月06日 10:42 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Jiang Xiaojuan

  Jiang Xiaojuan

  School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University

  Abstract:Digital technology has significantly facilitated the development of the cultural industry,and the cultural industry has also become one of the most important fields to which digital technology is applied. Conducting an analysis of how digital technology empowers consumers, creators, producers, social interaction and cultural communication can help us understand how it has improved the efficiency of the cultural industry, propelling digital contents into becoming the mainstay of the cultural industry and making digital communication the principal channel of cultural transmission. Digital technology has reshaped the structure of the cultural industry, leading to marked changes in the structure of cultural consumption, cultural production, the cultural market, and the proportion of domestic to foreign culture. However, whether this powerful digital technology will result in impressive technological results but lackluster cultural content remains a question. In fact, creative people’s pursuit of cultural content and consumers’ desire for such content will constantly give rise to outstanding cultural works with rich connotations and lasting influence in the digital era. The integration of digitization and technology can not only foster an open cultural plain filled with diverse and vibrant cultures, but can also create cultural peaks that will exhibit profound thought and superb artistic expression.

  Keywords: cultural industry, digital culture, digital communication, cultural service

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