Transformation in the Form of a Better Life in the New Era and Its Value Guidance
2021年04月01日 15:20 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Xiang Jiuyu

  Xiang Jiuyu

  School of Marxism, Wuhan University

  Abstract:A “better life in the new era,” a proposition unique to 21st century Marxism, is based on the historical originality of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Along with the transformation of the main contradictions in Chinese society, “a better life in the new era”has become a new life-form. Of course, the new life-form and new development ideas are complementary. On the one hand, the proposition of the new development ideas is based on the transformation of the new life-forms, so the inherent purport of the two is closely related; on the other, the proposition of such ideas will further promote the construction of “a better life in the new era” at the level of practice, and will play a key leading role in the resolution of major social contradictions. Therefore, to comprehensively understand the revolutionary significance of a “better life in the new era” under the guidance of the new development principles, we must gain an intrinsic grasp of the many forms of a “better life in the new era,” including its actors, forms of occurrence, forms of realization and external forms. They have as their theoretical support such concepts as “the people as the main force, the ruling Party as the guide,” “transformation of contradictions, integration of supply and demand,” “labor orientation, co-creation and sharing,” and “homogeneous ideals extended worldwide.” Together, these constitute a unique Chinese style. In the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics, or modernization, only the sublation of “objective [sachlicher] dependence” and adherence to the practical intention of “free individuality” can fulfill the “return” of a “better life in the new era” toward “man himself,” and achieve value guidance for the Chinese road.

  Keywords: a better life in the new era, historical materialism, modernity, principal social contradictions, Chinese road

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