Globalization of Services in the Internet Age: A New Engine, Acceleration and Major Power Competitiveness
2020年12月28日 14:59 来源:Social Sciences in China Press 作者:Jiang Xiaojuan a and Luo Libin b

  Jiang Xiaojuan a and Luo Libin b

  a School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University

  b School of Economics, Beijing International Studies University

  Abstract:The Internet and information technology have fundamentally changed the inefficient and non-tradable nature of the service industry and greatly strengthened the impetus for services globalization. In the Internet age, the accelerating globalization of services is irreversible.In the course of this process, China will enjoy advantages in terms of development stage,market scale, business models, Internet and digital technology applications and degree of openness, all of which will give it greater competitiveness. An analysis of cultural and sports industries indicates that the opening up of large countries’ cultural markets will increase the international influence of their cultural factors.

  Keywords:Internet age, service globalization, large countries’ competitiveness, cultural and sports industries

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